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These guys can no longer claim, women don’t know true pain. 

I enjoy this post WAY too much

Call me malicious but I want every male politician who’s against birth control and abortion to get hooked up to one of these.


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Omg this was on tv in Holland. OMG.

we watched a show on this in biology one time. the guys went in not expecting much, maybe at most just some discomfort; they were curled into fetal positions, sticking their asses in the air, and groaning at just the moderate setting. at the max setting,  they were begging to get out of it through their muffled groans while their faces were buried in the pillows. if i recall, one requested for a trashcan because he had to vomit from the pain. at the end of their experience, they said they had a new level of respect for their wives and women as a whole.

(Source: 21mommy2her)

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